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We sell compostable plastic cutlery, aluminum foil rolls, aluminum foil sheets, polypropylene plastic cutlery, coffee stirrers, straws, plastic cling wrap foodservice stretch film, commercial paper towel rolls, souffle cups and lids, aluminum foil steam table pans, invisible hairnets, bouffant caps, napkins, and disposable gloves.

Daxwell Food Service ProductsFor nearly 20 years we have been selling our plastic cutlery and other disposable food service products by shipping containers, truckloads, and pallets to some of the largest distributors in North America, more than 100 school districts across the country, national chain restaurants, government facilities, retail stores, and convenience stores.

In 2012 we finally began selling our products to individual customers Online. In addition to this site, many of these products are also available on eBay, Amazon, and Bonanza. Simply search for the same product number, such as J20004672, to quickly find the same product on any site. A list of some of our high demand products is below. 

Daxwell meat film stretch wrap

Stretch / Cling Wrap Film:

J10002315B Foil SheetsBest Selling Foil Rolls & Sheets:

B10002995 Cutlery KitsDisposable Plastic Cutlery Kits:


Daxwell A10000962 heavyweight polystyrene soup spoon with textured handle for better grip

Disposable Plastic Cutlery: 

The plastic cutlery is available in various tensile strengths. Pick the one that is right for the occasion. For example, if packing a plastic fork with your child’s lunch for elementary school, a flexible medium weight fork would be ideal. The medium weight cutlery can also be used with takeout food side items such as coleslaw, corn or rice due to their flexibility and small size. The medium heavyweight utensils are a better size and strength for adults to enjoy oatmeal, green beans, pasta, and mashed potatoes. The heavyweight utensils are good for heavier foods such as grilled chicken. The extra heavyweight plastic cutlery is recommended for use with sirloin steak. 

Daxwell D10001232 White Tallfold NapkinsPaper Products:

Daxwell Vinyl GlovesDisposable Gloves (Currently Only on Amazon):

Search Plastic Cutlery and Other Disposable Kitchen Products:

Use the search bar in the top, right corner of any page to find a specific product; or at the very end of the page on your cell phone. You can type in the actual product number such as “F10003538” for the quickest results. You can also search for general keywords such as “foil sheets” or “plastic cutlery” or “meat film” or  search for more specific keywords such as “7.4 mm black straws” or “white polypropylene sporks.” Use the category search feature for a wider search.


There is a tiered pricing discount on some items if you buy more than one case. Shipping is free, regardless of the quantity ordered.


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