J10002315 9″ x 10.75″ Aluminum Foil Sheets

These Daxwell 9″ x 10.75″ pre-cut sheets are ideal for cooking and baking applications. They conveniently dispense one at a time. They are moisture proof, odor proof and grease proof. Their impermeability to water vapor makes them an ideal choice for food storage to maintain food freshness. Case of 3,000 sheets.

J10003028 12″ x 10.75″ Aluminum Foil Sheets
  • 12″ x 10.75″ size
  • Case of 3,000 sheets
  • Great for cooking, baking, and toaster oven use
  • Ideal choice for storing food in a freezer
  • Can be used for serving deli or food truck meals

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