We offer a wide variety of plastic cutlery kits. The kits vary by color, size, tensile strength and material such as polypropylene or polystyrene. The flexible polypropylene cutlery is designed to easily bend under pressure instead of snapping, whereas the polystyrene cutlery is more rigid.

Many of our plastic cutlery kits come with napkins. Others contain toothpicks, straws, or salt and pepper. There are many combinations to select from for the utensils, as well. Some kits have a fork, knife and teaspoon while others have a fork, knife, and soup spoon. We also have a case of kits that only contains a straw and napkin; no cutlery. On the other hand, we also carry a case of cutlery kits that only has plastic utensils with no napkins.

The tensile strengths for both types of plastic fall into the following range: medium weight, medium heavyweight, standard heavyweight, heavyweight, and extra heavyweight. As the medium weight plastic cutlery kits are much smaller and much more flexible than the rest, they are best for packing with elementary school lunches or for using with light takeout side items such as corn or coleslaw. In sharp contrast, the extra heavyweight utensils are much larger, thicker, and stronger and they can be used for enjoying grilled chicken or steak. The medium heavyweight kits are great for oatmeal or soup while the standard heavyweight and heavyweight cutlery can be used for ice cream, potato salad, chicken salad, or beef stew.

Choose from the plastic cutlery kits below for your upcoming event.